Racial Equity Resource Guide

In 2010, we launched America Healing, an effort to put the belief in a false human hierarchy based on physical characteristics and the racial and structural inequalities it creates behind us, by first putting it squarely in front of us. America Healing is a strategy for racial healing toward racial equity, and is designed to raise awareness of unconscious biases and inequities to help communities heal. In support of America Healing, we have created this comprehensive and interactive racial equity resource guide that includes practical resources including articles, organizations, research, books, media strategies and training curricula aimed at helping organizations and individuals working to achieve racial healing and equity in their communities.

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  2. Media & Communications

    The Media and Communications resources offer the necessary guidance on how to address traditional media, social media and media related organizations. Learn More

    Media & Communications

    Resource Guide

    Get started with a pre-made guide featuring Media & Communications related materials.

  3. Racial Healing

    Under Racial Healing, we have included a robust selection of tools to help provide background, training curricula as well as existing racial healing toolkits. Learn More

    Racial Healing

    Resource Guide

    Get started with a pre-made guide featuring Racial Healing related materials.

  4. Research for Action

    Find an extensive list of topic areas and resources to activate and equip you with the information, research and data necessary to address your needs. Learn More

    Research for Action

    Resource Guide

    Get started with a pre-made guide featuring Research for Action related materials.

  5. Organizational Alliances

    Finding peer and ally organizations is an effective way of building momentum in your organization’s work and making key connections. Learn More

    Organizational Alliances

    Resource Guide

    Get started with a pre-made guide featuring Organizational Alliances related materials.

Featured Materials


The Rada Film Group is a documentary production team with a mission to create compelling visual stories that provoke thought about the multicultural world we exist in.

TRHT Summit

The TRHT Summit resources were curated to help organizations and communities plan for and execute the TRHT locally and nationally in 2017.


By 2050, our country stands to realize an $8 trillion gain in GDP by closing the U.S. racial equity gap.

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