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A Call to Community Dialogue Guide – a Product of Hope in the Cities

Hope in the Cities

2201 West Broad Street, Suite 200

Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: 804-358-1764

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Guide Overview (from the website): This six session community dialogue program has been exported to cities across the nation and serves as a model for dialogue programs in the UK and Europe. Its emphasis on personal responsibility and self-awareness has enabled participants to engage safely with others in honest conversation.

Hope in the Cities, based in Richmond, Virginia, at its core has three guiding principles:

  1. Honest conversation – that all are willing to risk by committing to honesty and candor in all dialogues.
  2. Personal responsibility – that each of us takes personal responsibility for the challenges of race and racial division within our communities and nation. That instead of pointing at others as the problems, we recognize our own participation in a system of access for some and exclusion for others. And we will take responsibility for being a part of ending that and creating communities of inclusion.
  3. Acts of reconciliation – most often these acts of reconciliation are public events around the acknowledgement of history.

Hope in the Cities community dialogue program and curriculum are available for use in many different settings, from pairing churches or places of worship, school groups and civic groups, or for a group of individuals. It is for anyone who wants to engage with others and dialogue on the most pressing issues of our nation.

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Hope in the Cities, a program of Initiatives of Change

For over two decades Hope in the Cities has helped transform Richmond, VA, from a symbol of racial division to a model for reconciliation. Through acknowledgement of history, honest conversation and skills building workshops, the experiential learning offered by Hope in the Cities builds capacity for community leaders.

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Initiatives of Change

Initiatives of Changes (IofC) is an international network of people of all faiths and backgrounds working for reconciliation, justice, and the healing of history starting with change in their own lives.

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