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California Undocumented College Guide & Equity Tool

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The dramatic increase in the number of undocumented students accessing higher education in California over the last 15 years has been the realization of years of struggle and advocacy. And yet the unique nature of student’s immigration status has proven to be a consistent challenge for institutions of higher education. While university personnel and student leaders do their best to promote and provide equitable pathways, the number of students combined with the complexity of immigration policy, has made comprehensive support for undocumented students increasingly difficult. These challenges are matched only by the tremendous potential for both colleges, and the state, should they create institutional commitments for undocumented student success.

This guide and equity tool can be used as an integral part of this new strategy and a stepping stone toward a new ecosystem for California Higher Education.

The UndocuCollege Guide & Equity Tool has three main components:

  • Section 1: Elevating California institutional challenges in supporting undocumented students in higher education;
  • Section 2: Highlighting innovative and effective practices from different colleges across the state; and
  • Section 3: An equity tool for colleges and universities to assess, analyze, and report about the level of support currently present at their institution for undocumented students, as well as provide a clearer framework for conceptualizing institutional support.

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