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Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc.

245 West 4th Ave.
Roselle, NJ 07203-1135

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The Center’s mission is to build an equitable society in the United States by de-centering white culture and centering an anti-racist multiracial culture free of white supremacy. White culture forms the central values of our society, and yet it is often treated as invisible, normal and outside the discussion of race. The Center believes that if, as a nation, we are to develop a truly multiracial society centered on multiracial values, white people need to think about how white culture and values can find expression in non-dominant and non-oppressive ways. The Center engages in interracial dialogues, community improvement projects, workshops, diversity training and white-on-white anti-racist dialogues. The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—How Knowledge of White Culture Is Important for Cultural Competence; How To Be An Ally; What Is White American Culture, White Privilege, and What Can White People Do To Help Create a Multiracial Society?
  • Focus—Individual awareness, structural racism, racial healing, unconscious bias and anti-racism.
  • Frequency—as requested.
  • Location(s)—onsite at site of requesting organization.
  • Length(s)—one day.
  • Fee(s)—$1500-$2500 for group.
  • Number of People/Workshop—20-40.
  • Desired Outcomes—Introducing and normalizing discussion of topics not often discussed, such as white privilege and white culture, for the purposes of supporting anti-racist personal and institutional development.

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