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Color Me Human Program

Hawkeye Community College
Waterloo, IA 50702

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The Color Me Human Program was developed to provide access, awareness and sensitivity to college campus diversity. The goals include:

  • Empowering student leaders to nurture an ethnically, racially and culturally diverse learning environment;
  • Harvesting support and dedication for the program from faculty, staff and students with co-curricular activities; and
  • Infusing diversity programming into the college curriculum.

In addition, the Color Me Human program helps students, faculty and staff to better understand and value the significance of individual cultural differences and needs in a changing community. The Color Me Human Program engages in interracial dialogues, workshops, diversity training, media education and curriculum development for diversity. The technical assistance it can provide includes needs assessment, curriculum development, team-building and design and implementation of plans. Work includes working with business, industry and health providers to integrate the efforts of building multicultural working teams. The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—Train the Trainer; Interracial Dialogues; Community Education; Fund- Raising.
  • Focus— individual awareness, structural racism, unconscious bias, building community.
  • Frequency—monthly.
  • Location(s)—at organization offices and onsite at requesting organization.
  • Length(s)—4-12 hours.
  • Fee(s)—$800-$2400.
  • Number of People/Workshop—20-25.
  • Desired Outcomes—The program is considered a process that moves individuals and groups through a progressive linear continuum ranging from tolerance to acceptance to respect to embracing and celebrating diversity.

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