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Eastern Mennonite University/ Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP)

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CJP offers cohort-based capacity building programming for groups involved in social change processes in their communities. CJP will work with you to choose a training package that best fits your interests and needs. Individual training sessions can focus on restorative justice, community resiliency, activism, or other social justice topics.

All packages include a core 5-day training on analyzing the root causes of conflict. Examples of additional training topics include:

  • restorative justice in communities
  • challenging unjust systems
  • transforming historical harms
  • breaking the school-to-prison pipeline
  • facilitating circle processes
  • addressing identity-based injustices
  • rebalancing power in communities
  • nonviolent social change
  • engaging polarized communities

Trainings in other areas—including but not limited to leadership, policy, trauma, and governance—are also available. CJP will work with you to customize the training package to meet the needs and interests of your community and organization. Trainings can be designed for a variety of delivery methods, including at CJP's Summer Peacebuilding Institute, in weekend sessions, and online.

CJP works with groups to hone their leadership skills, deepen their understanding of social justice concepts, and bring about real change to social justice challenges in their communities. CJP’s cohort model offers:

  • Long-term engagement with the same group of participants—a model shown to be more effective than short-term trainings for large numbers of people
  • Skill development and leadership capabilities enhanced through relationships with mentors and other seasoned practitioners
  • Opportunities for application of new knowledge while maintaining access to program support and resources

Through CJP's programming, cohorts gain the skills and knowledge to lead locally based change processes that address injustices and power imbalances in their communities.

CJP cohort programming is ideal for:

  • Employees of justice-focused community organizations
  • Those motivated by the divisive political climate to take on advocacy or activism roles
  • Youth interested in fighting for justice in their communities
  • Groups of immigrants, women, BLM activists, and others working for justice and equity

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