Racial Equity Resource Guide

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ERAC/Ce—Eliminating Racism and Claiming/Celebrating Equality

1000 W. Paterson St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49093

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The mission of ERAC/Ce is eliminating racism in Southwest Michigan and creating durable capacity inside institutions for antiracist/anti-oppressive systemic change. Its philosophy engages multicultural organizational development theories of change and processes through values alignment of transformational leadership. It also provides technical assistance customized to meet the needs of the institution at a basic rate of $2600/day depending on the consultation. The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—Coaching/Consultation for Racial Equity, Anti-Bias, Antiracism and Anti-Oppression; History of Race and Racism in the U.S.; History of Race and Racism in Medicine and Healthcare Systems; History of Race and Racism in Education; Power Analysis of Race; Racism and Anti-Racism; Analysis of Institutional Racism, Cultural Racism and Anti-Racism; Internalized Racist Oppression and Superiority; Racial Identity Caucusing; Racial Identity Development; Critical Cultural Competency, Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Educators’ Organizing Workshop.
  • Frequency—As Requested.
  • Location(s)—At Its Offices and Onsite at the Requesting Organization.
  • Length(s)—Varies from One Day to 10 Days.
  • Fee(s)—Half-Day Racial Identity Caucusing: Free.
    • One Day: $2600/Day for 40 Individuals.
  • Number of People/Workshop—40-50.
  • Desired Outcomes—To create durable capacity inside institutions for antiracist/ anti-oppressive systemic change through organizing and building antiracist power for collective change.

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