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Highlander Research and Education Center

1959 Highlander Way
New Market, TN 37820

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Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South, supporting the efforts of people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability to take collective action to shape their own destiny. The founding principle and guiding philosophy of Highlander is that the answers to the problems facing society and the keys to grassroots power lie in the experiences of ordinary people. Highlander’s current programs include:

  • Across Races and Nations—A four-year project that conducted research into community change in the South due to immigration from Latin America. Publications and related resources are available at the website.
  • Cultural Program—Sponsors outreach to and an annual workshop for African American culture workers and activists in the South.
  • Grassroots Think Tank—Brings together progressive Southerners and others to discuss critical movement issues and develop new strategies for change.
  • Multilingual Capacity Building—Provides interpretation, translation and training services to support and build coalitions with immigrant activists and groups.
  • Pueblos de Latinoamerica—works with new Latino immigrants throughout the Southeast U.S. to analyze the issues confronting Latino immigrants and develop strategies for supporting effective local and regional organizing.
  • Seeds of Fire: Youth Organizing & Leadership Program—Works with youth activists and organizers (ages 13-19), young adults in their 20s and adult allies of youth to strengthen youth and young-adult leadership.
  • Social Change Workshop—Brings together a diverse group of participants to share their experiences working for social justice and to learn about Highlander. It is usually held once or twice per year.
  • Threads: A Leadership and Organizing School—A multiracial, intergenerational leadership and organizing school focused on economic, environmental and racial justice.
  • We Shall Overcome Fund—Raises funds to support organizing in the South that is at the nexus of culture and social change.
  • Internship Program—Brings up to two interns at a time to Highlander for six-month internships designed to help them learn the nuts and bolts of popular education and social justice work.
  • Children’s Justice Camp—A week-long summer camp for young people (ages 6-12) whose families are interested in social democracy, justice and environmental awareness.

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