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MP Associates

704 Brookwood Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21229

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MP Associates is dedicated to building the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to effectively address structural racism and better understand privilege issues for building a just and inclusive society. It works to identify systemic issues, to increase individuals’ knowledge and skills and to support processes for people to work together across and within racial and ethnic groups. The goal is to provide support, skills and resources to help individuals, groups or communities sustain their work and share their lessons learned and skills with others in a collective effort to achieve racial equity.

MP Associates facilitates dialogues and workshops, offers coaching, conducts webinars, provides technical assistance and facilitates white dialogue groups/caucuses. The organization also conducts research and literature searches, identifies best practices, develops tools and training manuals, develops curriculum and train?the?trainer programs, and evaluates and assesses programs.

The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—Understanding Structural Racism; Flipping the Script: Working on White Privilege; Applying Racial Equity Lens to Organization/Community; Community Change Processes and Progress in Addressing Racial Inequities; Aligning Strategies with Racial Equity Vision; Understanding Privilege and Racial Equity: Sustaining 21st Century Organizations; and Building Capacity for Racial Equity: An Overview of Approaches, Strategies and Tools.
  • Focus—individual awareness, structural racism, capacity building, white privilege
  • Frequency—as requested.
  • Location(s)—onsite at the organization receiving the workshop.
  • Length(s)—depends on the need.
  • Fee(s)—depends on size of group, objectives, type of design, etc. Part of the design process is to conduct an assessment of the organization.
  • Number of People/Workshop – flexible depending on the objectives.
  • Desired Outcomes—depends on the design. The most important outcome is building the organization’s/community’s capacity to do racial equity work and to meet their outcomes.

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