Racial Equity Resource Guide

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National Coalition Building Institute

1120 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 450
Washington, D.C 20036

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NCBI trains leaders to work together to end racism and other forms of oppression through leadership and train-the-trainers programs. Its programs emphasize that the need to heal the wounds of one’s own past is a pre-requisite to constructive action to end oppressions. NCBI engages in interracial dialogues, community improvement projects, workshops and diversity training. The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—Diversity Training; Train the Trainers; Anti-Racism; Coalition-Building.
  • Focus—individual awareness, structural racism, racial healing, unconscious bias.
  • Frequency—throughout the year in different locations.
  • Location(s)—varies.
  • Length(s)—one day, two days, five days.
  • Fee(s)—negotiated individually with each client.
  • Number of People/Workshop—15-100.
  • Desired Outcomes—empowering people to see themselves as activists for change and through train-the-trainer programs to build affiliates in schools, communities and campuses that can develop ongoing sustainable work. Helping those schools, campuses and communities to develop through NCBI’s support the internal capacity to lead programs that are both prevention-oriented and can intervene in the face of tough divisive issues.

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