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National Multicultural Institute

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Washington, D.C 20006

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The mission of the National Multicultural Institute is to work with individuals, organizations and communities to facilitate personal and systemic change in order to build an inclusive society that is strengthened and empowered by its diversity. Through the development of strategic initiatives, partnerships and programs that promote an inclusive and just society, NMCI pursues global efforts to address critical and emerging issues in the diversity field. They offer consulting, training, executive coaching, assessment, web-based training and leadership development activities, and they develop specific interventions to meet the unique needs of managers and employees in diverse workplace settings. Their diversity and multicultural training to employees and managers include the following basic components:

  • Knowledge needed to function effectively in multicultural environments;
  • Awareness of learned prejudices and fears about differences and how these impact organizational culture and personal and professional relationships;
  • Skills to increase the level of cultural competence, cross-cultural conflict resolution and creative problem-solving; and
  • Action to develop plans to implement the new knowledge, awareness and skills, on both the individual and organizational levels. Change may start at the individual level, but it is best sustained when it takes place simultaneously at the systemic level.

For any project, NMCI will provide ongoing technical assistance through activities such as post-training follow-up, meeting facilitation, report generation, resource development and consultation to managers. NMCI also will provide executive consulting and coaching services in comfortable one-on-one sessions, complete with performance objectives and measurements, addressing topics such as: managerial style, stress and work pressure, delegation, conflict management, performance appraisals, and feedback.

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