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Open Source Leadership Strategies

762 Ninth Street, #534
Durham, NC 27705

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Open Source Leadership Strategies builds organizational and leadership capacity for understanding and addressing racism and other systems of privilege and oppression that produce inequitable outcomes across communities and inside every institution. It brings not only a structural/systems lens but also an integrated analysis that connects racism to other power systems such as classism and sexism and to a larger movement for social change. Its point of entry on exposing and dismantling unjust systems, as well as visioning and constructing positive and just systems, is organizations.

Open Source Leadership Strategies facilitates interracial dialogues and workshops, offers coaching, conducts webinars, provides technical assistance, develops organizational change strategies and plans, and evaluates racial and social justice efforts. It works in deep partnership with organizations to build their capacity both for internal change and as change agents in the world. It offers assessments, planning, facilitated dialogues and trainings, coaching, evaluation, and documentation. On occasion it works with funders to build the capacity of grantees as well as their internal capacity.

The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—Understanding Structural Racism and Racial Equity; Developing an Organizational Strategy for Addressing Structural Racism and Advancing Racial Equity; Locating Racial Equity Within a Larger Movement for Positive Social Change, Justice and Liberation for All.
  • Focus—structural racism.
  • Frequency—as requested.
  • Location(s)—onsite at the organization receiving the workshop or at retreat centers.
  • Length(s)—depends on the need.
  • Fee(s)—there is not a workshop fee apart from the overall fee for the engagement, which is unique to each client.
  • Number of People/Workshop—30-100.
  • Desired Outcomes—Open Source Leadership Strategies uses the workshops as an opportunity for a group to develop and deepen their shared understanding of structural racism and racial equity and then to strategize together about how they will make change inside and outside their organizations. The “workshops” on their own are not expected to achieve all the desired results, but they provide a space for a group of people to learn and strategize together, while also deepening their interpersonal relationships and building cross-cultural competence.

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