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This website is designed to support people and groups working for inclusion, racial equity and social justice. It displays a wide array of tools, ideas and strategies for racial equity advocates and includes a clearinghouse of resources and links from numerous sources. The Site Map includes an introduction to the theory behind a racial equity lens, community racial equity assessment tools, tools for creating advocacy and implementation plans, and tips on how to remain focused and maintain sustained effort in furtherance of your racial equity goals.

The goal is to help people both to understand and articulate the role that race plays in our communities and to act in deliberate and effective ways to promote racial equity, inclusion and social justice throughout systems, organizations and among ourselves as individuals and people working together toward racial equity. The site contains four main sections:

  • Essential Concepts and Issues: This section contains background information about privilege, various types of racism and other key concepts and descriptions of various individual and collective change processes.
  • Assessing and Learning: This section contains materials and tips to dig deeply into your organization or your community—to understand how change happens and the lay of the land in terms of racial equity.
  • Planning and Implementing: This section contains materials and tips to help your group get ready to act and to put in place individual, inter-group and institutional change strategies.
  • Sustaining and Refining: This section contains materials and tips to help you sustain the work, improve your actions as you go forward and progress effectively toward the long-term changes you seek.

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