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Rockwood Leadership Institute

1648 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94709

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The Rockwood Leadership Institute specializes in delivering the best practices and methodologies in leadership development to the non-profit community. Since 2000, it has trained nearly 3000 leaders from thousands of organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Its vision is a) thousands of inspired social change agents trained in partnership, communication, conflict resolution, team building, planning and producing powerful results, and b) thousands of non-profit organizations endowed with the skill and heart to bring out the best in their people, collaborate effectively with allies of all kinds and produce lasting change.

“We want to change the world by helping the people who want to change the world.”

Rockwood currently offers a menu of services for non-profit, philanthropic, labor and socially responsible business leaders, as well as elected officials. Its core programs are:

  • The Art of Leadership—A four-day program for social change leaders that provides leaders with a) clarity of vision in their work; b) partnership skills; c) “personal mastery” and emotional intelligence skills; d) teamwork development skills; and e) performance skills.
  • The Art of Collaborative Leadership—A five-day retreat that draws together and supports leaders working in specific social sectors and emphasizes understanding power dynamics, strategy and performance, personal/organizational sustainability.
  • The Advanced Art of Leadership—A four-day seminar designed for leaders who have completed the Art of Leadership and want to continue building their leadership skills.
  • Strengthening the Practice—A two-day refresher course designed for leaders who have completed the Art of Leadership and Rockwood’s Fellowship and Leading from the Inside Out programs.
  • Organizational Leadership—A special training custom-designed to serve the needs of leadership teams within a given organization who want to increase their internal capacity for collaborative leadership.
  • Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong Fellowship—An invitation-only fellowship program for established senior national leaders from diverse issue areas who have demonstrated their abilities to foster change in their fields.
  • The Rockwood Fellowships—Multi-session programs presented in conjunction with funders who wish to support the collective efforts of leaders within a specific issue-based sector.
  • Building Capacity for Organizational Resilience and Renewal (BCORR)—In partnership with national foundations, it contributes to leader and organizational transformation by providing capacity-building resources to select leaders as they transform and strengthen their organizations.

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