Racial Equity Resource Guide

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Sport in Society

A Northeastern University Center
360 Huntington Avenue
International Village Suite 510
Boston, MA 02115

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Sport in Society educates and supports emerging leaders and organizations within sport with the awareness, knowledge and skills to implement innovative and impactful solutions for social change. As a result, it unites the global sports industry under a shared mission of social responsibility. It focuses its efforts on issues related to building communities that are healthy, safe and inclusive.

Key activities of Sport in Society include workshops, mentoring/tutoring, diversity training, technical assistance, including annual feedback surveys and social networking/online community building tools, and leadership training.

The following information about its workshops was provided by the organization:

  • Topics—Violence Prevention; Leadership; Community Building.
  • Focus—individual awareness, unconscious bias.
  • Frequency—as requested.
  • Location(s)—at the organization’s offices or onsite at the organization receiving the workshop.
  • Length(s)—varies from 90 minutes to three days.
  • Fee(s)—varies.
  • Number of People/Workshop—15-30, but events for up to 500.
  • Desired Outcomes—raise awareness of participants to the effects of violence and discrimination in society; challenge thinking by countering mainstream messages about race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and violence; open dialogue by creating a safe environment for participants to share their opinions and experiences; inspire leadership by empowering participants with skills and concrete options to effect change in their respective communities.

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