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Training for Change

P.O. Box 30914
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Training for Change specializes in preparing trainers to create a ripple effect in quality activist training. It supports activists, but it challenges them to step fully into their power. The goal is to support an organization to carry on its skills without them— passing on those skills learned to others. Training for Change uses a direct education training approach that liberates participants, helping them break limiting patterns and become more effective change agents. Among the workshops offered are:

  • Training of Trainers
    • Super-T: Training for Social Action Trainers
    • Advanced Training of Trainers
    • How to Do Transformational Work
    • Super-T: A “Super Training” for Social-Action Trainers
    • Adventure-Based Learning
    • Creative Workshop Design
    • How to Teach Theory
    • Third-party Non-violent Intervention Training of Trainers
    • Training for Social Action Trainers
  • Diversity and Anti-Oppression
    • Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud—an experiential workshop by and for African Americans to help them give/receive support to each other.
    • Class Matters—a workshop to give activists a hand with the mystery of class dynamics.
    • Whites Confronting Racism—a workshop for white people searching for a way to begin their work for racial justice or for those who already do anti-racism work and want to enhance their skills.
  • Strategy and Non-violent Action
    • Non-violent Warrior
    • Learn How to Teach Direct Action
    • How to Facilitate Strategizing: A Training of Trainers
    • Strategy is Possible!
    • Organizing Skills Institute

Detailed information about each of these workshops, as well as a wide range of tools, strategies and publications is available at the website. Training for Change will also design special workshops upon request. Fees and lengths of workshops vary.

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