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White Men as Full Diversity Partners

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WMFDP seeks to bring white men wholly on board in diversity efforts and to create candid and respectful teamwork that raises morale and leads to improved productivity and employee engagement. WMFDP helps organizations leverage diversity by equipping leaders with deep and lasting insight into the perspectives of others. It challenges leaders to understand and value their own cultural perspectives, while broadening understanding for other cultures. Its work seeks to transform the mindsets of leaders throughout the organization to access commitment, leverage talent and deepen engagement. It engages with clients in one of three different ways:

  • Test the Waters—This is a customized awareness-raising presentation such as a “lunch and learn” session for all corporate leaders or an invitational session for a small executive leadership team or diversity council.
  • Build Critical Mass—This is a transformative multiday learning lab, typically the White Men’s Caucus or White Men and Allies, attended by a team of leaders and designed to help develop partnership skills that can deepen diversity dialogues and effect organizational change.
  • Fully Engage Change Agents—This is an internal White Men as Full Diversity Partners learning lab for a group of key stakeholders. It is followed up with a strategy session for the entire group to craft a plan for changing practices, policies and behaviors and determining critical next steps.

The learning labs typically are customized three-and a- half-day residential experiences, at a cost of $2700 for the learning lab and $1400 for housing and materials.

  • White Men and Allies—designed to help participants deepen partnerships to create inclusive, creative and responsive organizations.
  • Women of Different Tribes—designed for women focusing on cross-racial and cross-cultural leadership and partnership skill development.
  • White Men’s Caucus—designed to assist white men in becoming full diversity partners within their organizations.

WMFDP also conducts customized labs that combined with follow-up consulting and coaching motivate and assist leaders in identifying and taking courageous actions as full diversity partners; provide speakers on a wide range of related topics for a wide variety of audiences; conduct leadership coaching and customized leadership development; and offer best practices and strategic consultations.

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