Racial Equity Resource Guide


We've created these infographics to provide site visitors with additional information using some of the materials found on the Racial Equity Resource Guide, as well as the site itself. Please view, download and share these infographics with friends and colleagues.

  • Business Case for Racial Equity Infographic

    A data overview of the 2018 national Business Case for Racial Equity that offers solutions to maximize opportunity, starting with racial equity.

  • Building Diversity

    Diversity in the workplace usually fosters innovation due to increased exposure to different ideas, cultures, and norms. Strategies that could improve organizational diversity include communication, cultural self-awareness, amicable resolution of contentious issues, diversity adaptability, and good grasp of different cultural beliefs.

  • Discover the Guide

    RacialEquityResourceGuide.org contains organizations, guides, workshops and other resources that promote racial equity and healing efforts. It is the ultimate tool for any practitioner engaged in the fields of healing, equity, diversity and the elimination of structural racism.

  • Making the Grade

    This infographic features education data compiled by diversitydatakids.org, a W.K. Kellogg grantee and research-based website providing data about wellbeing, diversity, opportunity and equity for U.S. children.

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