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A New Way Forward

From the Organization's website: 

A New Way Forward is the racial-equity core of the National CARES Mentoring Movement. It holds our mission and vision and informs the transformational group-mentoring programs we are building to help restore sorely needed adult leadership and role modeling in our village. Over the past three years we’ve achieved a series of consistent successes that have deeply informed our work and the broader fields of racial healing, mentoring and youth development. Our model, anchored by our ANWF manual and created with W.K. Kellogg Foundation support in 2010, provides a framework to help able and caring Black adults bring balance, healing and peace to their lives so they will stand in the gap as mentors to the many fragile Black children on waitlists of youth-support organizations throughout the nation and the greater number who have disengaged. Throughout our pilot work in Oakland, our team of evaluators, led by Dr. Linda James Myers of Ohio State University, consistently found that the greatest need potential mentors had was for safe and healthy spaces in which they could support each other and share the challenges and triumphs of their individual and collective journeys. Simply put, our mentors are longing for the same undergirding as are our children: a loving community that cares about and supports their well-being.

We see the crisis facing our under-resourced children as a crisis of community and country. Fueled by increasing disconnection between classes and generations, and the fact that Black children trapped in poverty continue to lose academic and social ground, we made the commitment to design an initiative that would motivate and support Black adults—the high and the humble—in learning to love ourselves and preserve the gift of our lives. From a place of inner peace and balance, our belief is that the large number of able, healthy, caring adults will commit to bridging the wellness and access gaps plaguing our fragile young.

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A New Way Forward Virtual Trainings are recordings of intimate phone calls with members of the A New Way Forward braintrust on important issues.

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