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Advancement Project

The Advancement Project is a policy, communications and legal action group committed to racial justice. It was founded by a team of veteran civil rights lawyers in 1998 “to develop, encourage, and widely disseminate innovative ideas, and pioneer models that inspire and mobilize a broad national racial justice movement to achieve universal opportunity and a just democracy.” It partners with community organizations, bringing them the tools of legal advocacy and strategic communications to dismantle structural exclusion. It believes that structural racism can be dismantled by multi-racial grassroots organizing that is focused on changing public policies and is supported by lawyers and communications strategies.

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Mapping the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track Action Kit—A Product of the Advancement Project

This action kit is designed to support community activists who are working to end the schoolhouse to jailhouse track. It is intended to assist mobilized communities in their quest to better understand the operation of the schoolhouse to jailhouse track so that they may ultimately eliminate the negative trends and create caring learning environments where this track is non-existent.

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Lessons in Racial Justice & Movement Building: Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline in CO and Nationally

Lessons in Racial Justice and Movement Building: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Colorado and Nationally is a joint effort by Padres & Jóvenes Unidos (PJU) and Advancement Project to address excessively harsh and racially discriminatory school disciplinary procedures, which have proven to be endemic in public schools across the United States.

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