Racial Equity Resource Guide


America’s Edge

America’s Edge is a membership organization of more than 1,000 business leaders who work to strengthen businesses and the economy through proven investments in children and youth. Its business leaders take a critical look at the knowledge, skills, and abilities businesses need their employees to have in the 21st century, including the ability to be communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers. America’s Edge educates policy-makers and the public about high-quality investments that protect America’s competitive edge in a global marketplace, build a foundation for lasting economic security, and help our nation’s children. The organization operates under the umbrella of the nonprofit Council for a Strong America.

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Strengthening American Businesses and Our Economy Through Racial Equity

This report by America’s Edge seeks to explain why racial equity is important to business. It shows how businesses with greater racial diversity have higher sales revenue, more customers, greater market share, and greater relative profits compared with firms with more homogeneous makeup.

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