Racial Equity Resource Guide


Brown Foundation

Topeka, KS

The mission of the Brown Foundation is to build upon the work of those involved in the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision to ensure equal opportunity for all people. Its cornerstone is to keep the tenets and ideals of Brown relevant for future generations through programs, preservation, advocacy and civic engagement.

Among its programs are:

  • Brown Foundation Teach Quest Scholarships;
  • National Programs on Civic Engagement and Diversity;
  • National Curriculum Newsletter for Classroom Use;
  • Oral History Collection of Civil Rights Pioneers;
  • Traveling Exhibits on Brown v. Board of Education;
  • National Park and Interpretive Center;
  • Early Literacy Initiative for Preschools;
  • Competitive History Programs for Students; and
  • Mini-Grants for Youth-Based Diversity Programs.

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