Racial Equity Resource Guide


Coming to the Table Organization

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Founded in 2006, Coming to the Table (www.comingtothetable.org/) aims to promote racial healing through leadership, resources and support services. The organization envisions a United States society that acknowledges and seeks to heal from past and present racial wounds caused by slavery.

Coming to the Table adopts four methodologies to achieve this end:

  • Uncovering History: researching, acknowledging, and sharing personal, family and community histories of race with openness and honesty 
  • Making Connections: connecting to others within and across racial lines in order to develop and deepen relationships 
  • Working Toward Healing: exploring how we can heal together through dialogue, reunion, ritual, ceremony, the arts, apology and other methods 
  • Taking Action: actively seeking to heal the wounds of racial inequality and injustice and to support racial reconciliation between individuals, within families, and in communities.

Related Resources

Transforming Historical Harms

"Transforming Historical Harms" is the product of Eastern Mennonite University's Coming to the Table, an organization providing leadership, resources and a supportive environment for those who seek to acknowledge and heal the wounds of racism.

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