Racial Equity Resource Guide


Everyday Democracy

East Hartford, CT

Everyday Democracy’s ultimate vision is that local communities create and sustain public dialogue and problem solving. Such strong local democracies can form the cornerstone of a vibrant national democracy. Its mission is to help communities develop their own ability to solve problems by exploring ways for all kinds of people to think, talk and work together to create change. Racism has a special place in its work, because it is rooted in our country’s history and is embedded in our culture and remains one of the greatest barriers to solving public problems and fulfilling the promise of our democracy.

Using innovative, participatory approaches, Everyday Democracy works with neighborhoods, cities and towns, regions and states to help people of different backgrounds work together to solve problems and create communities that work for everyone. It places particular emphasis on the connection between complex public issues and structural racism and addresses issues such as poverty and economic development, education reform, racial equity, early childhood development, police- community relations, youth and neighborhood concerns.

Everyday Democracy has projects in many communities throughout the country (see the website) where it helps to organize community dialogue groups to confront community issues, and it publishes discussion guides on a variety of public issues, including one on Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation.

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