Racial Equity Resource Guide


First Alaskans Institute

Anchorage, AK

The First Alaskans Institute is committed to developing the capacities of Alaska Native people and their communities through community engagement, information and research, collaboration and leadership development. Through this type of engagement, the Institute strives to address the social, economic and educational challenges facing Alaska Native people, while fostering positive relationships among all people.

To meet these challenges, First Alaskans has developed a set of goals, including:

  • Expand the Alaska Native Policy Center's research and analysis capacity to provide accurate, credible information for Alaska Native leaders and other policy makers as a tool in developing policy initiatives that improve the lives of Alaska Natives 
  • Help develop the next generation of Alaska Native leaders who will contribute to the advancement of the Native community
  • Develop and implement a Community Engagement Program that is aligned with the Institute's initiatives to advance Alaska Natives and thriving communities 
  •  Cultivate strategic relationships to support core purpose and long-term sustainability

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