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Hispanics in Philanthropy

Oakland, California

From the Organization's Website: 

Hispanics in Philanthropy’s mission is to strengthen Latino communities by increasing resources for the Latino and Latin American civil sector; increasing Latino participation and leadership throughout the field of philanthropy; and fostering policy change to enhance equity and inclusiveness.HIP invests in Latino leaders and communities to build a more prosperous and vibrant America and Latin America. We have a 30-year track record of supporting social entrepreneurs -- leaders who find solutions, build communities, and who are the future. By partnering with foundations, corporations, and individuals, HIP addresses the most pressing issues facing Latinos. To achieve these ends, we directly support nonprofits and individuals who are engaging in innovative grassroots work to:

  • Improve educational outcomes for Latino students;
  • Provide care for the aging Latino population;
  • Foster coalitions across the LGBT and Latino movements;
  • Increase the understanding of the challenges that Latino men and boys face;
  • Build a stronger transnational diaspora; and
  • Address policies that affect Latinos such as health, immigration, and economic development.

Additionally, HIP seeks to share with donors, grantmakers, advocates, academics, and other key community stakeholders the needs and priorities of the Latino community. To this end, we sponsor regional, national and international conferences and briefings, research and publications, and professional development programs. HIP also provides referrals for our members who are seeking Latino staff and trustees.

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The Right to Dream, Promising Practices Improve Odds for Latino Men and Boys – A Report by Hispanics in Philanthropy

"The Right to Dream" gives examples of promising practices that create pathways for youths to want to stay in school, complete their education or training, and pursue successful careers, regardless of immigration status.

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