Racial Equity Resource Guide


Hope in the Cities, a program of Initiatives of Change

Richmond, Virginia

For over two decades Hope in the Cities has helped transform Richmond, VA, from a symbol of racial division to a model for reconciliation. Through acknowledgement of history, honest conversation and skills building workshops, the experiential learning offered by Hope in the Cities builds capacity for community leaders. A sustained citizen-led effort has resulted in a network of leaders in non-profit and business sectors, local government, media and education. It engages people across the political spectrum and of all cultural and religious backgrounds.

Hope in the Cities' approach includes three vital steps:

  1. Honest conversation: creating models of sustained community dialogue involving all sectors and leading to new and unexpected partnerships
  2. Personal responsibility: moving beyond blame and personal pain to constructive action
  3. Acts of acknowledgement and reconciliation: breaking cycles of guilt or anger to reach understanding and healing

Hope in the Cities offers Richmond as a center for community trustbuilding where processes for trustbuilding, reconciliation, and community change are regularly learned and effectively practiced.

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A Call to Community Dialogue Guide – a Product of Hope in the Cities

A Call to Community Dialogue Guide is a six session community dialogue program has been exported to cities across the nation and serves as a model for dialogue programs in the UK and Europe.

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