Racial Equity Resource Guide


Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Oakland, CA

The Insight Center for Community Economic Development is a national research, consulting and legal organization dedicated to building economic health and opportunity in vulnerable communities. It works in collaboration with foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, government and businesses in its primary areas of interest — to develop, strengthen and promote programs and public policies that lead to good jobs, strengthen early care and education systems and enable people and communities to build financial and educational assets. The Insight Center engages in projects and initiatives in its areas of interest and offers customized services such as research and analysis, problem solving, training and strategic planning in these areas. In its project on Closing the Racial Wealth Gap, the Insight Center provides consulting services, expert speakers, policy principles, research and conferences designed to increase the impact of people of color in a) asset policy practice and research; b) developing a public policy agenda and communications effort that will raise this issue to national prominence; and c) creating the impetus for policy change.

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