Racial Equity Resource Guide


International Center for Transitional Justice

New York, NY

The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) assists countries pursuing accountability for past mass atrocities or human rights abuses. The Center works in societies emerging from repressive rule or armed conflict, as well as in established democracies where historical injustices or systemic abuses remain unresolved.

The ICTJ assists in the development of integrated, comprehensive and localized approaches to transitional justice comprising five key elements: prosecuting perpetrators, documenting and acknowledging violations through non-judicial means such as truth commissions, reforming abusive institutions, providing reparations to victims, and facilitating reconciliation processes.

The core principles of the ICTJ are reflected in the following five operational guidelines:

  • Prioritize the interests and perspectives of victims and survivors;
  • Promote compliance with international obligations;
  • Shape policy and advice based on a rigorous analysis of the national and international context and circumstances;
  • Promote local involvement and empowerment; and
  • Support and facilitate the work of organizations and individuals in the transitional justice field.

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