Racial Equity Resource Guide


Search for Common Ground

Washington, DC

Search for Common Ground is building a national program addressing racial healing and reconciliation in the United States. With seed funding from the Kellogg Foundation and the Fetzer Institute, SFCG and the Faith & Politics Institute (FPI) conducted wide-ranging research, including interviews with more than 60 experts and a comprehensive survey

of racial justice and equity organizations nationwide. In July 2009, SFCG and FPI convened 30 key leaders for a three-day Working Group to address the question, "What would it take to heal the wounds of racism in the U.S.?" SFCG took the group's recommendations, matched them with SFCG's mission and expertise, and created

Search for Common Ground on Race. SFCG on Race aims to heal racism in the United States at interpersonal and institutional levels. Using a common ground approach, it seeks to create opportunities for a wide range of people to work together, across dividing lines, in a collaborative and constructive way. While the focus is race, its approach depends on participation from people of different backgrounds, classes, age groups and genders.

The programs objectives are to:

  1. Build the capacity of stakeholders to address the consequences of racism at an institutional, cultural, and/or interpersonal level;
  2. Increase healing and reconciliation among stakeholders; and
  3. Create a constructive discourse about race in the United States.

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