Racial Equity Resource Guide


The Faith and Politics Institute

Washington, DC

The Faith and Politics Institute, a non-partisan, interfaith organization, was founded in1991 to help public officials stay in touch with their faith and deeper values as they shape public policy. The word "faith" was chosen instead of the word "religion" to communicate a reference point broader than any single religious doctrine.

The Faith and Politics Institute envisions a world where all political leaders draw upon their faith to heal society's wounds. Drawing universal wisdom from a range of spiritual traditions, the Faith and Politics Institute equips members of Congress to better serve the people by providing the space for spiritual and moral reflection and bipartisan, interfaith community.

The Institute encourages civility and respect as spiritual values essential to democracy, and it strives to strengthen political leadership that contributes to healing the wounds dividing our nation and our world through a range of activities involving members of Congress. This includes experiential pilgrimages, reflection groups, United States-South Africa faith and politics initiative, Capitol forum series, retreats, St. Joseph's day breakfast, and the Congressional reception.

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