Racial Equity Resource Guide


The John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation

Tulsa, OK

The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot left a civic wound that remains unhealed. The Center’s mission is to transform society’s divisions into social harmony through the serious study and work of reconciliation. Through education, scholarship and community outreach, the Center seeks to lead the national dialogue on reconciliation—finding new ways for Americans to live together well. 

With Dr. Franklin’s lifelong devotion to scholarlyanalysis and social progress as a model, the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation is developing a consortium of academic institutions, historical societies, and organizations devoted to equality, racial justice and social harmony to continue his legacy.

The Center focuses on these broad goals:

  • Education—Increasing public knowledge and understanding;
  • Scholarship—Creating new knowledge through scholarly work;
  • Community Outreach—Opening conversations to bring communities together;and
  • Archives—Laying a foundation for scholarship by gathering materials for research.

Ultimately, the John Hope Franklin Center building will house galleries, archives, a digital story-telling booth, documentary projects, conference space and other facilities appropriate for a historical site of national significance. Through education and community dialogue, the Center’s “parlor” will try to create an atmosphere for healing and reconciliation.

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