Racial Equity Resource Guide

About This Guide

The directory of materials found on this site have been prepared as a shared tool for building a community of connected, informed and engaged practitioners. With the ability to generate a Resource Guide tailored to their own goals, these materials are practical resources that will assist organizations working within the racial healing and racial equity field.

Welcome to the America Healing Racial Equity Resource Guide

As part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's America Healing work we want to share the collective insights, resources and tools of individuals and organizations that have been working to foster racial healing and racial equity in communities within our nation. The materials found on this website have been developed with the help of the America Healing community and racial equity field. You will find practical resources including articles, organizations, research, books, media strategies and training curricula for organizations and individuals working to achieve racial healing and equity in their communities.

This resource guide is designed to cater to you, allowing for a fully personalized or customized set of resources that fit you or your organization's needs. You can start with a pre-made toolkit or build an entirely new one by filtering by areas of focus, issue areas or material type. After you've registered and customized your toolkit you'll have the option to save it or generate a PDF, and be given a link for downloading and sharing. We also encourage that you propose new resources to be included on racialequityresourceguide.org. To do so, visit our Suggest Materials link at the top of the page.

We hope that you find this resource guide to be helpful in your work.

The information and tools available are sorted into three categories: Organizations, Guides and Workshops, or Resources. The materials are classified further into four main areas of focus: Racial healing; Media and communications; Research for action; and Organizational Alliances. You can browse materials based soley on these classifications by visiting the Resource Guide Directory, or you can further narrow your search by applying additional filters by searching directly from the three material types (OrganizationsGuides and Workshops and Resources).

Unsure where to get started? Find inspiration by selecting a pre-made Resource Guide.  

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