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“A Window of Opportunity” – A Report by The Opportunity Agenda

Opportunity Agenda

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This three-part report by The Opportunity Agenda’s three part offers compelling public opinion and media research on poverty and poor people in America.

The report examines the following:

  1. Public Opinion Analysis: Public opinion research on American attitudes towards poverty and poor people.
  2. Media Analysis: An examination of the U.S. mainstream media coverage of poverty, poor people, and poverty-related issues. 
  3. Social Media Scan: A social media content and activity scan on poverty and poor people in the United States

This resource is designed to help advocates, policy makers, commentators, and others working to alleviate poverty. It includes clear and actionable recommendations on how the research can inform communications strategy and more.

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The Opportunity Agenda

The Opportunity Agenda works to ensure that the United States lives up to its promise as the land of opportunity for every person who lives here.

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Race for Results: Building a Path to Opportunity for All Children

This policy report issued by the Annie E. Casey Foundation that examines the significant barriers to success facing children of color and provides recommendations for improving their opportunities.

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Tips for Talking Racial Profiling - A Product of The Opportunity Agenda

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