Racial Equity Resource Guide


Community Philanthropy and Racial Equity: What Progress Looks Like

The Effective Communities Project

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The Effective Communities Project (ECP) exists to assist socially concerned organizations and communities to respond more effectively to the problems of society. This paper, supported by the Ford Foundation, begins to examine how community philanthropy can deepen social justice work, especially in the American South. The authors visited t10 organizations that have benefited from Ford’s philanthropy to ask, "What can be learned from attempting to create more racial equity by building community philanthropy in the American South?" Its contents include articles with the following titles:

What We Are Learning About Community Philanthropy and Its Potential for Addressing Issues of Racial Equity

Developing Community Philanthropy in the American South: Emerging Organizational Practices

Community Philanthropy and Racial Equity: What We Are Learning About Noting Progress

Opportunities for Making Further Progress

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