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Holistic Strategies for Undocumented Student Equitable Success Across Higher Education

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In this essay, Ruben Elias Canedo Sanchez and Meng L. So share the history and development of the Undocumented Student Program at the University of California, Berkeley. In describing the creation of the program, the authors offer reflections on the strategies employed to holistically support undocumented students' success on campus. By drawing on their experiences as both students and program leaders, they highlight key lessons on how universities can garner institutional resources, build staff capacity, and develop nontraditional allies for undocumented students.

Related Organizations

Undocumented Student Program at the University of California at Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program (USP) provides guidance and support to undocumented undergraduates at Cal.

Tagged with: Organization Alliance, Media And Communications, Addressing Laws, Policy and Justice, Education, Immigration, California

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California Undocumented College Guide & Equity Tool

This guide was designed designed to empower undocumented students and educator allies from across the United States (California in particular) to work with their institutions to increase resources and support systems available.

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