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Interventions to Improve Cortisol Regulation in Children: A Systematic Review

Organization: American Academy of Pediatrics

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Interventions to Improve Cortisol Regulation in Children: A Systematic Review is an article published in Pediatrics, the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The article is a review and analysis of current medical literature on the effectiveness of various methods for promoting healthy cortisol regulation in children.

Cortisol is a hormone that impacts a person’s response to stress. Children who face serious adversity, particularly from marginalized communities, often experience changes to their cortisol levels that may impact their long-term health. The article finds that existing studies show that cortisol activity can indeed be regulated with program interventions and suggesting that children who irregular cortisone levels as a result of facing significant adversity can be treated. This article can serve as a resource for child health advocates seeking increased support and funding for cortisol regulating programs.

The article has three sections:

  • Section One explores the existing medical literature on cortisol regulation interventions. 
  • Section Two describes the key findings from this review and identifies the evidence that supports the effectiveness of such interventions. 
  • Section Three suggests areas for future research that could further improve and lend support to these interventions and improve the health of children who have faced adversity.

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