Racial Equity Resource Guide


Racial Equity Strengthens Communities and Makes Police More Effective

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

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This report from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids shows that racial equity helps law enforcement be more effective in the communities they protect. Police forces that reflect the diversity of their communities can improve communications and foster cultural understandings that lead to both safer neighborhoods and stronger police-community relationships. There is more opportunity for trust and transparency when the community sees a police force that includes members of their community. Trust in the police can improve effectiveness, strengthen communities and result in safer neighborhoods.

The report includes the rationale for having a diverse police force, challenges to creating such an environment, and suggested steps for communities.

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Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is a national, bipartisan, nonprofit anti-crime organization of nearly 5,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, attorneys general, and other law enforcement leaders and violence survivors.

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