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Raising Inmate 3851

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The United States each year prosecutes approximately 200,000 children as adults, many of whom end up with lengthy sentences, even life without parole, in adult prisons. Raising Inmate 3851 portrays the experiences of three teenagers: Darrious, 15, charged with a crime and facing 26 years in prison; Claire, 15, embarking on a life sentence in a women's prison, and Reggie, a recently exonerated former inmate, who at the age of 14 was handed two life sentences and sent to adult prison for a crime he did not commit. Darrious, Claire and Reggie depict a new reality for many American teens: learning to navigate both the adult legal system and adult prison, at an age when they are legally barred from smoking, driving a car, signing a contract, or having consensual sex. Once they get into prison, their outlook for the future, if they're ever released again, is bleak.

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