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Selected Supreme Court Briefs in ICP v. Texas

Organization: Poverty & Race Research Action Council

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As part of Poverty & Race Research Action Council’s (PRRAC) support of national, state, and local organizations that recognize the impact of federal housing policy on residential segregation patterns, PRRAC outlines recent communications with the Department of Housing & Urban Development on specific federal policy issues on its website.

A featured article in this collection of communications outlines selected Supreme Court Briefs in Inclusive Communities Project (IPC) v. Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (December 2014). The underlying case involved ICP's successful challenge to racially segregated siting of Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments in the Dallas area. The Court will rule on whether the Fair Housing Act can be used to challenge policies with an unjustified discriminatory impact, which will profoundly impact precedents established under the Fair Housing Act.

This resource provides links to briefs of the parties as well as a range of amicus briefs filed by individuals and organizations in support of upholding principles of the Fair Housing Act. Organizations filing amicus briefs include AARP, NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and ACLU, National Consumer Law Center, and Legal Momentum. By making these briefs in support of the fair Housing Act available, PRRAC hopes to stress the importance of upholding explicit policies to reduce racial and economic segregation and expand access to high opportunity communities for low income families of color.

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