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State of the Latino Family Survey

Organization: W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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In 2014, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) in partnership with Univision and The Denver Post, released a national survey of 1,000 Latino adults that explores the challenges and successes their families experience living in the United States. The survey provides a current snapshot of how Hispanic families feel about their lives and their future in the U.S. and reveals their perception of important issues that affect them directly.

Key findings of the poll included:

  • Latinos cite a number of conditions that pose limits to socioeconomic advancement. Jobs and economic concerns are consistently cited as the issues that concern them most. Immigration and crime were the second and third most pressing issues. Interestingly, the two groups most optimistic about their financial futures are undocumented immigrants (86 percent) and those at the highest income range (81 percent of those earning over $75,000 annually). 
  • There is concern about unequal treatment by local police, border patrol and other law enforcement. Sixty-eight percent worry authorities will use excessive force against Latinos; only 26 percent believe they treat Latinos fairly most of the time; 18 percent have Latino friends or family who were victims of police brutality; and 59 percent said there are things they would change about their local police. 
  • Latino women are particularly vulnerable to economic troubles. If faced with income losses, more than half could not draw from personal savings (54 percent); secure a loan from a bank (53 percent), nor from family or friends (56 percent). Among men, 73 percent could take on another job or more work hours, but significantly fewer Latinas (61 percent) could do the same. Parents with young children are also at higher-than-average risk: Only 43 percent have personal savings, 49 percent indicate child care makes their work situation difficult, and 58 percent fear losing their jobs in the next year. 

The poll is the second public opinion poll by WKKF to learn more about the impact a sluggish economy, public policy initiatives, and crime and violence are having on the quality of life for families of color in communities across the United States.

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