Racial Equity Resource Guide


Strengthening Families through Racial Reconciliation

Shepherding the Next Generation

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This brief by Shepherding the Next Generation uses a biblical basis to promote racial equity. It explores how principles and values addressed in the Bible, especially relating to equity and reconciliation have not always been observed in actuality. Additionally this resource explores the depth to which churches remain divided along racial lines and urges individuals to take steps to acknowledge and address racial inequity.

The brief suggests steps that pastors and ministry leaders can take toward racial reconciliation including supporting vulnerable children and reminding one another that racial inequity is still present; therefore, it requires work toward reconciliation and equality – in life and opportunity. The document links to an additional resource –an op-ed Crosswalk by Scott Roley.

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Shepherding the Next Generation

Shepherding the Next Generation is a nationwide movement of Shepherd Advocates: evangelical pastors and ministry leaders who are committed to speaking out on behalf of children at risk so that each child will have the opportunity to grow up in a strong, stable and healthy family.

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