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The Drive: A Driving Tour of Post-Katrina New Orleans

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For those who live in New Orleans, the only way to experience the magnitude of the post-Katrina destruction is to physically walk or drive through the affected areas. With this in mind, The Drive was created for people unable to see the devastation first-hand. This one-hour program provides a raw visual tour through three of the most devastated neighborhoods in New Orleans. Viewers are guided through the devastation with ongoing footage of the neighborhoods, contextual maps and visual samples of the breached canal levees. In addition, interviews with neighborhood residents provide a point-of-view from those most affected as they attempt to rebuild their lives. Heather Ryan recorded segments of the narration while living in a FEMA trailer (note the slightly different production quality in the Lower 9th Ward narration vs. the other segment). The overall production incorporates an original score by Emmy nominated composer, Gil Talmi.

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