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The Exit Interview: Perceptions On Why Black Professionals Leave Grantmaking Institutions

Organization: ABFE

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This study represents a unique effort to learn more about why Black philanthropic professionals are leaving the field—as well as what their experiences suggest about how to both retain and support those who are currently working within the sector. Specifically, this study aims to inform the grantmaking field overall so that these institutions can: (1) Track and better understand the experiences of Black professionals in grantmaking institutions to identify ways to recruit, retain, and maximize talent; and (2) Use the data shared in this report to better structure programs and professional development opportunities to meet the needs of Black philanthropic professionals across the country.

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Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE)

The Association of Black Foundation Executives is a membership-based philanthropic organization that advocates for responsive and transformative investments in Black communities.

Tagged with: Organization Alliance, Racial Healing, Professional Development, Addressing Laws, Policy and Justice, Advocacy & Organizing

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