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This article from One Nation Indivisible shares a story of reciprocity from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Citizens of Fort Wayne desired to renovate a decrepit city landmark, a local theater, and through this project they were able to bring their community together.

This article serves as a case study for how communities can successfully integrate immigrant populations into existing communities.The Reclamation Project did this by launching a series of programs aimed at improving relationships with new immigrants. One of their successful programs has been “Circle of Friends,” which pairs longtime Fort Wayne residents with newly arrived immigrants. They also provide large-group English classes and low-cost document translation services for immigrants struggling with citizenship paperwork.

In addition to this, The Reclamation Project’s programs focus on Fort Wayne’s economic stability by hosting the Reclamation Products program, allowing refugees and immigrants to make and sell hats and mittens out of reclaimed materials. The Reclamation Project succeeded by building upon immigrants’ strengths and showcasing their contributions rather than categorizing them as an extra expense to the community.

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