Racial Equity Resource Guide


The Urgency of Now: Foundations’ Role in Ending Racial Inequity

Northwest Area Foundation, University of Minnesota-Duluth, and BCT Partners

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This article explores various approaches that foundations can use to advance racial equity and prosperity. The report focuses on Northwest Area Foundation’s work in communities of color and in Indian country. It first gauges the depth of the challenge that our communities face in racial disparities, then surveys the evolution of the role of philanthropic organizations in addressing poverty and traces the long history of racialization of institutions and systems.

The article explores:

  • Why we need to respond to racial disparities
  • The relationship between race and poverty
  • A history of foundations’ role in addressing poverty and racial disparity
  • Four case studies based on NWAF’s work

Related Organizations

Northwest Area Foundation

Founded in 1934 by Louis W. Hill, The Northwest Area Foundation is dedicated to supporting efforts by the people, organizations and communities across eight states and 75 sovereign Tribal Nations (Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon) to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity.

Tagged with: Organization Alliance, Racial Healing, Addressing Laws, Policy and Justice, Advocacy & Organizing, , Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington

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