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Utah’s Bilingual Boon

One Nation Indivisible

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This article addresses the challenges of integrating Spanish-speaking students into English-speaking school districts and presents solutions to ensure high-quality education for all students. This One Nation Indivisible story features a Utah elementary school that has successfully implemented two-way language immersion programs to integrate recent immigrants.  At Heber Valley Elementary, the school has instituted two-way immersion programs that bring together English speakers and native Spanish speakers.

Two-Way Immersion programs are represented as a path toward increased integration and community cohesion during periods of rapid demographic change. Two-Way immersion is also credited with fostering a bilingual workforce, attracting business and revenue by allowing businesses to compete in an international economy. 

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One Nation Indivisible

One Nation Indivisible connects and mobilizes people who are building and sustaining racially, culturally, linguistically, and economically integrated schools, social institutions and communities in the United States

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